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Health Research, Inc. (HRI), non-profit corporation, welcomes submissions from strong writers
of short stories, skits, storyboards, and script samples that are interesting and appealing to young
people (e.g., ages 18-40) and diverse populations. Samples should provide a brief description of
the work and what you consider to be outstanding, distinctive or unique about the work.
Submissions should be no more than 1000 characters. We are interested in works that represent a
broad range of subjects such as drama, realism and humor. We are looking for serious writers
that are creative and can write content for a dramatic webcomic and/or animated series that
focuses on real life experiences that incorporate public health topics. Content will be released on
various digital platforms. Please submit works to along with a resume and
cover letter.

Interested candidates should submit works (e.g., portfolio or directions to an online portfolio) to along with a resume and cover letter by March 28th.
Digital Health Initiative; NYSDOH AIDS Institute