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Project Intent: The NYS Department of Health plans to invest resources to support traditional and nontraditional partners that are trusted by underserved, marginalized, under resourced, and rural communities in Rest of State (outside of New York City) by funding community-based organizations to engage their community in wellness activities and serve as credible messengers of COVID-19 public health information. Funding is available for both rural and non-rural organizations.

Funding amount is $49,999 per organization. This is a deliverable-based contract. Up to $20,000 of this funding is available to support set deliverables as described in the Ability to Report section of the Small Wellness Mini Bid Overview. The remaining funding must be used to support a community wellness project which applicant will describe when applying. Applicants may apply for more than one award in different focus areas or regions but only one award will be made per organization. This is a one-time only funding opportunity. Funding must be used by May 30, 2023. Up to 210 awards will be available.

In addition to providing programs or activities in the community, funded organizations will be required to review and utilize NYSDOH public health outreach materials, participate in approximately five (5) trainings and utilize professional support and/or direct TA for at least five (5) hours to assist in strengthening their organization’s infrastructure.

As this funding will support small organizations who may not have experience in contracting, NYSDOH will provide technical assistance to assist organizations in developing program specific deliverables and an appropriate budget if awarded. Awards will be given to highest scoring applicants within rural and non-rural categories.

Please read overview for additional information.

HRI/NYSDOH will host a webinar on Monday, July 11, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. Please register here to learn more about the Small Wellness Mini Bid.

To submit a bid, complete the online survey linked below by August 5, 2022, that demonstrates your organization’s eligibility and capacity to allocate time and effort to participate in all project activities. A deliverable-based contract with Health Research, Inc. will be awarded to the successful community-based organization bidders.

The survey must be completed in order to be considered for funding. Survey application will be available from June 24, 2022, until August 5, 2022. To submit your survey application please go to

Bidders may submit questions to no later than July 12, 2022, email subject line should read: “COVID-19 Health Disparities Small Wellness Award.” All entities receiving the bid request will also receive the questions and answers. Answers will be provided on or around July 15, 2022.

Small Wellness Mini Bid Overview (PDF)
Communities of Focus (PDF)
HRSA Rural Communities Defined (PDF)
Health Disparities Future Funding Opportunities (PDF)

Small Wellness Webinar (pptx)

Questions and Answers (PDF)