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Health Research, Inc. (HRI) and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on behalf of the Bureau of Cancer  Prevention and Control (BCPC) are seeking bids from New York State Cancer Services Program (CSP) participating providers located in New York State to join a project to implement Community Guide for Preventive Services (The Community Guide) evidence-based interventions to increase cervical cancer screening rates in primary care clinics.

Successful bidders will be awarded contracts with HRI anticipated to begin April 1, 2023, renewed through June 29, 2027.  The first contract will be for a three-month period, from April 1, 2023 to June 29, 2023 to support project start-up and implementation. Annual contracts will be issued for each of the next four years beginning June 30, 2023, through June 29, 2027, to support continued implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of project impact on clinic cervical cancer screening rates. Pending the availability of funds and satisfactory performance completing deliverables, awarded clinic sites may expand the work to include The Community Guide evidence-based interventions to increase breast cancer screening clinic rates in year three (June 30, 2024 – June 29, 2025).

The project intent is for the clinic site to develop and implement a quality improvement (QI) plan that includes evidence-based interventions (EBIs) from at least two of the approaches (increasing community demand, increased community access, and increasing provider delivery of services) recommended in The Community Guide and other systems changes to make sustainable, lasting improvements in clinic cervical cancer screening rates. The NYSDOH will provide technical assistance on development, implementation, and evaluation of an approved QI plan.

Successful bidders will:

  • participate in an assessment of their current clinic practices related to cervical cancer screening,
  • document current workflow for cervical cancer screening,
  • receive post-assessment feedback, recommendations, and support for QI plan development,
  • develop a QI plan which describes the EBIs, and other systems changes to be implemented to increase clinic cervical cancer screening rates,
  • implement the approved QI plan,
  • participate in routine, individual clinic meetings to discuss project progress,
  • participate in periodic meetings with all funded clinics to facilitate collaborative learning opportunities to share best practices, seek input on challenges, and offer solutions to other clinics on implementing EBIs, and
  • participate in evaluation activities to assess individual clinic and all-participating clinic (all project) progress, including provision of annual EBI and cancer screening data to the NYSDOH in contract years two through five, and potentially beyond, to demonstrate project impact over the long term.

Interested clinics will submit a bid by March 1, 2023, that demonstrates clinic eligibility and capacity to allocate staff time and effort to participate in all project activities. A deliverable-based contract with HRI will be awarded to the successful applicants.

Bidders may submit questions to no later than February 3, 2023, email subject line should read, “Increasing Cervical Cancer Screening in NYS Primary Care Clinics”. Questions and answers will be posted and shared with all who submitted questions on or around February 13, 2023.

Request for Bids for Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions to Improve Cervical Cancer Screening among New York State (NYS) Primary Care Clinics Survey (

Guidance for Increasing Cervical Cancer Screening in Primary Care Clinics Bid Submission (PDF)
Substantiation of costs excel workbook hourly rate (xlsx)