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Schedule of Events

RFA Release Date:                                 December 18, 2018
Questions Due:                                      January 8, 2019 by 4:00 PM
RFA Updates and Question
and Answers Posted (on or about):    January 22, 2019
Applications Due:                                 February 12, 2019 by 4:00 PM EST

Contact Information

Lyn C. Stevens, MS, NP, ACRN
Deputy Director
Office of the Medical Director
NYS Department of Health/AIDS Institute

CEI RFA 18-0003 (DOCX)
CEI RFA 18-0003 Question and Answer (PDF)

Attachment 1 Letters of Agreement (DOCX)
Attachment 2 Statement of Assurances (DOCX)
Attachment 3 Proof of Status ACCME Comp D ONLY (DOCX)
Attachment 4 Stipend Reimbursement Guidance (DOCX)
Attachment 5 Clinical Education Initiative Glossary Terms (DOCX)
Attachment 6 Comp A Workplan HIV Prevention (DOCX)
Attachment 7 Comp B Workplan Sexual Health Ctr (DOCX)
Attachment 8 Comp C Workplan HCV Drug User Health (DOCX)
Attachment 9 Comp D Workplan Resource Evaluation Ctr (DOCX)
Attachment 10 General Terms and Conditions – Health Research Incorporated Contracts (PDF)
Attachment 11 MWBE Forms (DOCX)
Attachment 12 VRA (DOCX)
Attachment 13 Application Cover Page (DOCX)
Attachment 14 Organizational Chart (DOCX)
Attachment 15 Curriculum Vitae (DOCX)
Attachment 16 Grant Years 2-5 Budget Forms (XLS)
Attachment 17 Guide for Completing Budget forms (DOC)
Attachment 18 Statement of Activities for Past 3 Yrs (DOC)