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Schedule of Events

RFA Release Date:                                 September 12, 2019
Questions Due:                                      September 26, 2019 by 4:00 PM ET
RFA Updates and Question
and Answers Posted (on or about):    October 10, 2019
Applications Due:                                   October 29, 2019 by 4:00 PM ET

Contact Information

Colleen Flanigan, RN, MS
Bureau of Hepatitis Health Care
NYS Department of Health/AIDS Institute

RFA 19-0004 – Hep C Care and Treatment (PDF)
Attachment 1 – Statement of Assurances (DOCX)
Attachment 2 – Plan to Address Social Determinants of Health (DOCX)
Attachment 3 – HCV Outreach and Recruitment Plan (DOCX)
Attachment 6 – MWBE Utilization Plan Forms (DOCX)
Attachment 7 – Vendor Responsibility Attestation (DOCX)
Attachment 8 – Application Cover Page (DOCX)
Attachment 9 – Current Funding for Hepatitis C Related Services (DOCX)
Attachment 10 – HCV Site(s), Address, Day(s) and Hours of Operation (DOCX)
Attachment 11 – Timeline for Care and Treatment Program Implementation (DOCX)
Attachment 12 – Hepatitis C Care Cascade Projections of Services (DOCX)
Attachment 13 – Memorandums of Understanding with Community Partners (DOCX)
Attachment 14 – Memorandums of Understanding with Drug Treatment Program Providers (DOCX)
Attachment 15 – Memorandums of Understanding with Liver Specialists (DOCX)
Attachment 16 – Agency Capacity and Staffing Information (DOCX)
Attachment 18 – Statement of Activities for the Past Three Years (DOCX)