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Schedule of Events

Release of RFP:                                                      3/17/2023
Deadline for Written Clarification
Questions to HRI:                                                  3/24/2023
HRI Responses to Questions Issued:                 3/28/2023
Bidder Responses Deadline:                               4/15/2023
Notification of Presentations/Interviews:         5/1/2023
Reference Checks:                                                5/1/2023
Presentations and Interviews:                            5/15/2023
Announcement of Successful Proposer:           6/1/2023
Contract Execution:                                              7/1/2023

RFP Coordinator
Elizabeth Wood

RFP – HRI EO 2023-01 Post-Deployment Workday Support (PDF)

Attachment A Cost Proposal (XLSX)
Attachment B Bidders Identifying Information References (DOCX)
Attachment C HRI Boilerplate Agreement (PDF)

RFP – HRI EO 2023-01- Post-Deployment Workday Support – Questions and Answers (PDF)