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Health Research, Inc. effectively evaluates, solicits, and administers external sponsored program funding to financially support projects, programs and research for:


New York State Department of Health
The mission of the New York State Department of Health is to protect, improve and promote the health, productivity and well-being of all New Yorkers.


Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
The mission of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (RPCCC) is to understand, prevent and cure cancer. RPCCC, founded in 1898, is a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center. HRI provides a wide range of support for RPCCC, including sponsored research administration and technology transfer. The affiliation dates to 1953 and has contributed to major cancer treatment advances such as the PSA test (prostate specific antigen) and photodynamic cancer therapy.


Helen Hayes Hospital
As one of the country’s very first specialty physical rehabilitation facilities, Helen Hayes Hospital has a well-earned reputation of excellence in rehabilitation medicine. For over 110 years, they have excelled in providing the medical, nursing and therapeutic care patients need to rebuild their lives following catastrophic injuries, debilitating surgeries and chronic disabling illnesses. Paired with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, this expertise enables their patients to move on to active and productive lives and return to work, school and home.


Wadsworth Center
Wadsworth Center is a science-based community committed to protecting and improving the health of New Yorkers through laboratory analysis, investigations and research, as well as laboratory certification and educational programs.  The affiliation between Wadsworth Center and HRI has contributed to the development of medical diagnostics, disease treatments and devices including a novel HIV tropism test, Angiomax and a communication device for ALS patients.duction.


New York Structural Biology Center
The New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC) is an organization of nine eminent academic research institutions. Founded in 1999, NYSBC is a not-for-profit consortium that provides advanced resources in structural biology to its members and outside users. The Center manages two facilities, its main facility in Manhattan and a crystallography facility at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-­II) at Brookhaven National Laboratories (BNL) on Long Island. NYSBC is a global leader in structural biology with unsurpassed instrumentation and expertise whose services include high throughput gene-to-structure determination, X-­ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, Cryo-electron microscopy and Protein Production.